Introducing the New Kurt DX6 Machine Vise


Cox Tool Service, Inc. is stocking Kurt's new DX6 CrossOver vise.

The DX6 CrossOver vise is a combination of Kurt's Anglock Pull-Type and a 4 bolt stationary jaw design.

The DX6 Features:

  • A full 9" opening
  • Through body chip evacuation
  • A GrooveLock jaw plate with work-stop is included
  • The DX6 can be mounted through the body or by the keyslots
  • New bearing pack with a larger, stronger, and more durable than the D688.
  • Lighter weight than the D688. (DX6 weight is 65lbs. and D688 weight is 69lbs.)
  • A more compact, narrower base than the D688; allowing for more vises on a machine table
  • The key-slot to the fixed jaw is the same distance on DX6 as was is on the D675 and the D688.
  • The bed height is the same on the DX6 and the D688.

Please review the comparison sheet for the DX6, D688 and the D675 vises.

Please contact us at 513-831-8088 for pricing and other questions.